The Primrose Beanie


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So it has been a while since I posted a free pattern (almost a month now?) but rest assured - I have been working HARD for you to get some beautiful and quality content! In the meantime, I wanted to share my most popular beanie pattern with you all  - as a thank you for waiting so patiently! (By the way - if you also want a cute cowl to match - THE ODETTE COWL is an awesome matchy accessory!) 

By the way: I know, as with most of my patterns - a lot of people ask me why I named them the way I did, because it usually has a special meaning to it - and for this one, I just honestly liked the name Primrose! Super creative, I know :P

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P.S. Ignore how my hook looks throughout the pictures in the pattern - it looks like its dirty, but it has been so well-loved and used that the colored coating is coming off! :D

Level: Easy

Yarn: DK weight yarn – Joy DK by Loops and Threads from Michaels Stores in Latte used in example. A light worsted weight yarn (like Lionbrand's Wool-Ease or Paton's Classic Worsted Wool) works well too. Shop yarns using my affiliate links for Lionbrand Yarn, Craftsy, and Knit Picks  (Knit Picks Swish DK works AMAZING for this hat!) below - that way they know that I send you!

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Hook: 4.25 mm OR size needed to obtain gauge: 10 HDC by 10 HDC = 2 inches. (Note: As this is a hat, it is very important to check your gauge. If you are finding that your gauge is too big, I recommend going down a hook size).

Stitch Abbreviations:

SC – Single Crochet

Ch – Chain

HDC – Half Double Crochet

BLO – Back Loop Only

St/Sts – Stitch/Stitches

SLST – Slip Stitch

Sk – Skip

FLO – Front Loop Only

Special Techniques: Half Double Crochet in the 3rd loop: This is the loop underneath the top two loops of the stitch. When you make a HDC in this loop, it will push those top two loops to the side and create a ribbed effect that looks like knitting!  Moogly blog has a great video and picture tutorial on this technique here:  

Other materials needed:

-Tapestry Needle

- Pom Pom (optional)


The Pattern:


The Brim of the Beanie:

NOTE: Turning Ch does NOT count as first stitch.

Ch 10 and turn. 

Row 1: SC in the 2nd stitch from hook, and continue to SC all the way across. Ch 1 and turn (9).

Rows 2 - 80: In the 2nd stitch from the hook, make a SC. Throughout the rest of the row, SC in the BLO. Ch 1 and turn.

Your work should look like the photo below:


Use a slip stitch to join the edges of the brim together.


Your work should look like the photo below!


Fasten off and weave in ends. 


The Body of the Beanie:

Note: The Turning Ch does not count as the first stitch.

Ch 40.

Row 1: In the 2nd st from hook, HDC. HDC all the way across, Ch 1 and turn (39).

Row 2: HDC in the 3rd loop all the way across (39).  Turn. The photo below shows you where the 3rd loop is in your stitch, as well as showing you what the ribbing effect should look like:



Row 3: *Ch 3, sk next stitch, and SLST into the FLO of the next st.* This photo below shows you where the front loop is:


This will also create a ribbing on the other side of your work. Repeat from * to * until end of row, 19 times. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 4: Ch 1 (counts as first st). SLST into 1st ch from hook (as shown in the photo below).


*Ch 1 and SLST into the 1st chain of the next Ch 3.* Repeat from * to * for a total of 18 times. SC in last stitch (shown in photo below).


Ch 1 and turn.

Row 5: HDC all the way across (39). Ch 1 and turn.

Repeat Rows 2 - 5 12 times (for 13 total repeats). 

NOTE: After a couple of rows your work will look like this: 

Finish off leaving a long tail, about 12 inches long.


Assembling the Hat:

Using the long tail that you left, take your tapestry needle and use the whipstitch to sew the short sides of the piece together (as shown in the photo below). This will shape your hat. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Next, we need to sew the brim to the body of your hat.  Make sure to sew the brim evenly along the side of the body.


Now, we will cinch close the top of your hat. Using your tapestry needle, weave a strand of yarn in and out around the top of your beanie (as shown in the photo below).


Once you have made it all the way around, pull the strand to cinch the top closed. This will shape the top of

your beanie. If you need to make it more secure, you can sew over the cinch. Fasten off and weave in ends!

 Add a pom-pom if you decide you want to!

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