The Odette Cowl

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I am so excited to FINALLY share this pattern with you lovelies! This pattern was the 2nd pattern I ever published - and although it was designed a little bit differently at first. I decided to revamp my idea into a more versatile and wearable style - and I love how it has been perfected! 

As with all of my patterns, I like to come up with meaningful names for them - however, with this one - I just really love the name Odette! The music from Swan Lake is one of my favorites - so maybe that is why I came up with it, but it also might be that if I ever had a little girl I know my husband wouldn't like this name - so I took advantage of naming my pattern it instead!:) Whatever the reason, I do think it fits this sophisticated cowl perfectly. 

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This pattern is written in US Standard Terms. 

Level: Easy

Yarn: Light Worsted Weight Yarn. Caron Simply Soft in Off White Tweed used in example. Other recommended yarns include Lionbrand's Heartland and Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Worsted Weight. Use my affiliate links below to shop yarns, so that they know that I sent you!:)

Wool Yarn from Knit Picks
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Hook Size: 5mm


Stitch Abbreviations:

HDC - Half Double Crochet

SC - Single Crochet

CH- Chain

Other Materials Needed:

-Tapestry Needle

- 3 Buttons for Accent

Special Techniques:

HDC in the 3rd loop



Note: The Chain 1 at the beginning of the pattern does not count as the first stitch. 

CH 100. 

Row 1: HDC in the 2nd Ch from the hook. HDC all the way across (99). CH 1 and turn.

Row 2: HDC in the 3rd loop all the way across. (99) CH 1 and turn. (Note: The photo below shows the 3rd loop you should insert your hook into. When you continue using the HDC in the 3rd loop technique, this will push the top and bottom loops to the side to create a faux knit or “ribbed” look.). 


Row 3: HDC in the front loop all the way across  (99). CH 1 and turn. (Note: the photo below shows the loop you should insert your hook into).


Row 4: HDC in the 3rd loop (as shown in the photo below) all the way across (99).  Turn. 


Row 5: *CH 3, skip 1 stitch, and Slip Stitch into the front loop of the next stitch*  Repeat from* until the end of the row, for a total of 33 times. CH 1 and turn. See photos below for reference. 

1526485113590 (1).jpg
1526485159899 (1).jpg

Row 6: Slip stitch into the space of the closest CH 3. *CH 3, slip stitch into the space of the next CH 3*. Repeat from* to * until the last CH 3 for a total of 31 times. CH 3, and SC into the last stitch in the row. CH 1 and turn. See photos below for reference. 


Row 7:  Ch 1 (counts as first stitch). Slip stitch into the 2nd CH of the closest Ch 3( as shown in the photo below). *CH 1, Slip Stitch into 2nd CH of next CH 3. Repeat from * until the end of the round for a total of 33 times. SC in last stitch. 


Row 8: HDC all the way across (99). Ch 1 and turn. 

Repeat Rows 2 - 8 a total of 4 times. 

The Edging:

Row 1: SC evenly all along the top and left edge. See photo below for reference. CH 1 and turn.

Row 2: SC all the way the left side. When you get to the middle corner stitch, make 3 SC. (If it helps, place a stitch marker on the 2nd SC so you can easily identify the middle stitch). Continue to SC across the top. CH 1 and turn. 

Row 3: SC all the way across the top and the bottom. CH 1 and turn. 

Row 4: Repeat Row 3.

Row 5: Repeat Row 2.

Row 6: SC all the way around your cowl. 

Fasten off and weave in ends. 

At this point your work should look like the photo below:


Assembling Your Cowl:

Using the photo below for reference, flip your cowl so the side with the ribbing is face down. Fold your cowl so the corner with the SC border is at the bottom, and there is 6 inches overlap on the cowl. Secure the cowl by adding a button to the corner, weaving the thread through both layers. (for reference: the corner without a button in the first photo is the one we are working in - I put the 2nd button on so you can see it is not attached to the bottom layer in anyway). Add two buttons down the side, but do not secure these buttons to the bottom layer - these are just for accent:)

Your finished work should look like the picture on the right!

1526528754767 (1).jpg
1526526412936 (1).jpg

Optional: Adding Fringe

I wasn't even sure if I wanted to add fringe to this piece - the cowl was pretty perfect as it was! However, I am so glad I did. It is nice to see how the cowl would look both ways - and I do have a soft spot for fringe. It is so satisfying to put on!:)

The nice thing about fringe is it can be customized to how you like it! For example, what I did for each fringe was:

1.      Cut 3 12 inch pieces of yarn (you can do it shorter or longer depending on how long you want your fringe to be).

2.      Pull each strand of yarn through any stitch along the edge, so all 4 strands of yarn go through that stitch.

3.      Pull and adjust the yarn so its about halfway through.

4.      Wrap one of the strands of yarn and knot it around the base of the fringe so it keeps all the other strands in place.

5.      Finish by trimming the ends of the strands to your desired length (mine was about 5 inches long).

6.      Repeat this process evenly around the scarf. You can put as much or as little fringe as you want! For my scarf, I put about 5 stitches in between.

Another method of adding fringe: Youtube Tutorial:

And that is it! Your beautiful cowl is complete:) Be sure to follow me on Instagram HERE and like me on Facebook HERE - I like to be active on those platforms and give you sneak peeks of new patterns and other goodies!:)



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