Crochet Pattern Testing Call


Hello everyone! With my blog growing and traffic increasing, and so many new and exciting designs ready to be put to paper - I realized I need a list of willing and able Crochet Pattern Testers! Normally, I would just post in a Facebook group or on Instagram when I needed testers, but I would love to have some reliable testers that love my patterns and that I could look to when I needed a pattern tested!


1. First off - you are NOT expected to test every pattern - only patterns that you love and have the time and supplies to make. I have a lot of designs coming through, and I wouldn't expect you to test every single one of them - unless you absolutely want to of course!

2. You are expected to provide your own yarn and supplies for the project. I am not able to monetarily compensate pattern testers at this time - however, you will receive a Ad Free PDF, for both the test and the updated version when the pattern goes live!:) You also will have a chance to have your project featured on my social media accounts. Again, if you do not have the supplies or are not willing to buy the supplies - you don't have to test the pattern:) Make sure you love it!

3. You must be an intermediate to advanced crocheter. This means you will have a knowledge of basic crochet stitches and terms and have been following crochet patterns for a while. My patterns are mostly intermediate level patterns, and this means you should be able to complete a project in that range. 

4. You must be a person that is not afraid to be PICKY and DETAILED! Don't be afraid of hurting my feelings if you find something wrong in pattern, or if the wording just sounds weird to you - its totally normal for patterns to not be perfect the first time, and suggestions, criticism, and questions are ALWAYS welcome. Unless you look at it and say "Well, that's just ugly. It should be burned." Please don't say that, you will be removed from the list :P

5. You must be able to complete the project by the deadline given. If you are not able to, you don't need to test the pattern:) This is very important - especially as my blog is growing, my deadlines are very important. If you are not able to complete the project due to an emergency, I totally understand! That happens. However, if it happens more than once, you will get removed from the list. 

6. Share your work on Social Media! I definitely encourage this- I love seeing your work, and if you have a lovely photograph I want to share it with my followers too!:) 

If you feel like you are a good fit - please fill out the form below and tell me a bit about yourself and your crochet experience! :) Thank you so much lovelies! 

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