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Hi! My name is Brianna (I go by Brie to make it easy!) I reside in the beautiful and inspiring Pacific Northwest, and am a mama to two toddler boys. My favorite moments are when I am drinking coffee, playing with yarn, and listening to podcasts. 

Fiber and Fern started when I realized how few crochet patterns and products are out there that are really elegant and trendy, yet still intriguing. That's why I started this blog - so you can easily find beautifully artisan and detailed patterns that speak to your style. Being modern and chic in my own crochet style is important to me (nothing is more satisfying then crocheting something I am excited about, or dying to wear). However, I also truly want you to acquire the artistry skills that are needed to impress yourself (and others) when showcasing your handcrafted crochet projects. Through my patterns, you will be able to create an art form in crochet that will truly resonate! 


Please fill out the form below regarding any inquiries, if you have any pattern questions, or if you just want to say hi! I love hearing from you!


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